Case study

Bakblade team needed a much more user-friendly, customized website design to showcase their men-grooming products. Our goal was to combine a smooth exploration experience with enhanced brand storytelling to highlight their passion and the science behind their products.


Design Concept

Backblade was launching a new branding approach, so it was important for the website redesign to fit into their new look and feel. The palette emphasizes clean living and balance through bright, fresh colors. The clean, modern typography evokes Backblade’s approachable, professional brand personality.


Bringing it all together

The new backblade website design is a strong digital asset, driving leads and conversions through intuitive navigation and filtered product searching. The strengthened user experience achieves its important goal: making it quick easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. Whether it’s products, the new site structure and capabilities facilitate an appealing hub for their community.