Our partner have all!

Recharge Payment is a partner of E shop genius that makes payment easy and hassle free, just add and forget. Recharge Payment

Rechargepayment remind you of your chores in the most convenient way.

It enables the power to increase the lifetime value of your customer by charging your customer on subscription basis

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Build trust
  • Charge on subscription basis
  • increase LTV

Recharge payment has all

Do you have Shopify store which supply goods on reccuring basis?

Do you?

Many stores who sells coffee, sauce. beverages, etc Cannot retain thier customers because they can not charge on recurring basis automatically to thier customers

Recharge payment helps to collect payment and can retain paying customer for your business

Rechargepayment is a brand that allows you to set a specific amount for all your purchases on monthly bases.

The auto generated payments help you and the service provider to keep a track of all the provisions reaching you in time without the stress of credits to be paid

Eshop will hold your hands

We will help you out with
payment integration

Payment is the by far most important aspect for any business, and making sure you collect payment from your customer is important

to integrate payment gateway, eshop genius will help you out

we will setup and integrate recharge payment gateway to your shopify store 50 you dont have to worry about taking payments from your customer